Sex trafficking shelter to open in Oklahoma City


    The Dragonfly Home is getting ready to open their new Sex Trafficking Shelter early this year.

    The Dragonfly Home is Oklahoma City's only non-profit that is state certified to serve victims of human trafficking.

    Since receiving their certification from the Oklahoma Office of the Attorney General Victim Services Unit in 2016, The Dragonfly Home has served over 250 victims of human trafficking through their non-residential Human Trafficking Relief and Restoration Center.

    Over 2,500 calls had been placed to their 24-hour human trafficking helpline.

    “Some of the trafficking victims we’ve served don’t need a shelter and we’ve been able to provide specialized therapy and advocacy for them through our non-residential crisis center,” said Anderson. “However, many sex trafficking victims do in fact need a safe place to stay in Oklahoma City. Right now, there is no safe, state-certified place here for them to lay their heads. We’ve had to drive hundreds, sometimes over a thousand miles to get some clients to a shelter that specializes in care for sex trafficking victims.”

    “Since founding The Dragonfly Home, our team has planned to add this residential layer of care, so we can accommodate every victim of human trafficking’s specific needs,” said Anderson. “We’ve been strategically scouting properties for a shelter for over a year. Now we’ve found a property that’s uniquely perfect for our vision, as it will allow us to expand our shelter over time and provide specialized therapy services. It’s so beautiful and peaceful, truly a place where victims of sex trafficking can find healing and restoration.”

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