Security system catch man in security guard uniform stealing from homes

    An image from a home security system shows a man in a security guard uniform stealing from SE Oklahoma City garages. (Courtesy: John Hanna)

    A home security system shows a man stealing from two garages in a southeast Oklahoma City neighborhood. Others in the area believe the same person targeted them.

    John Hanna, who lives near Southeast 79th and Sunnylane, picked up images of the man looking into his garage, backyard, and the neighbor’s garage with his home security system.

    The man is dressed in a dark security guard uniform.

    Video shows the man looking around then a minute later, it captured him taking off with a power washer from Hanna’s garage.

    “I’ve never had to use security cameras because of someone coming in a stealing but I had it up just in case it would happen,” Hanna said.

    He called Oklahoma City Police and gave detectives a copy of the video.

    Hanna said he used to leave his garage door open when he was home, so neighbors knew they could come to him if they need. He has stopped doing that since the incident Saturday. He has also chained up other valuables, like his barbeque grill.

    “It so happens that somebody took advantage of me,” he said.

    A man who lives about three miles away, John O’Connor tells FOX 25 he believes the same man stole items from his garage on the same day.

    You can call Oklahoma City CrimeStoppers with information at 235-730

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