Security is the priority at Oklahoma State Fair

    Thursday, Sept. 13 marked day one of the 2018 Oklahoma State Fair. (Caroline Vandergriff/KOKH)<p>{/p}

    The Oklahoma State Fair officially opened Thursday, and it runs through September 23rd.

    About 900,000 people are expected out there over the course of the fair. Anytime you're out in big crowds, you want to be a aware of your surroundings. Keep and eye on your wallets or purses and report anything suspicious.

    Fair officials say the most common issue they see is kids getting separated from their parents.

    "It's always a good idea to take a picture of your child so you know what they're wearing in case you need to report them," said Scott Munz, spokesperson for the Oklahoma State Fair. "It's also a good idea to take a picture of the parent if the child does have a phone, so that kid can show the same photo to the police officer in the time it takes to identify and locate the parent."

    There are many Oklahoma City police officers and Oklahoma County sheriff's deputies patrolling the fairgrounds to help reunite children and parents and respond to any other issues.

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