Riversport OKC looking to fill summer jobs

Riversport OKC is looking to fill up to 200 summer jobs. (KOKH/Steven Anderson)

Clancy Bruce said he was looking for a place to make money this summer, along with something that fit his hands-on skills.

He came to open interviews at Riversport adventures on Sunday and got a job for the summer.

"I'm about to finish high school and go into college so a summer job would be nice for me," Bruce said. "That way I can get paid while I'm not in school and I have something to do when I'm not in school."

He said being an Eagle Scout helped land him the job. He said a job outside helping people with activities appealed to him.

"One of the positions they offered me was the adventure guide," Bruce said. "Basically I can help people just raft or do some of the climbing things out there and make sure everyone is safe while doing it."

Sunday was the first of three jobs fairs being held by Riversport adventures. Lucas Williams, the program manager, said jobs being filled include raft guide, adventure guide, camp counselor and guest services.

"Outgoing, energetic," Williams said. "They have to love being around people. Anything from kids to old people and just want to be outside and have a good time."

Williams said he expects most of the jobs to be filled at these job fairs.

Bruce said this can encourage those who he works with to be more active.

"I think a lot more people need to get out," Bruce said. "With all the technology we have today, people like to stay inside and I think the outdoors can bring something new to people that we haven't had in a long time."

There are more jobs available. The next job fair and interviews will be held at the whitewater center on Saturday, Feb. 23.

You can also apply online on Riversport's website.

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