Republican gubernatorial candidates square off over conference call incident

Todd Lamb and Kevin Stitt. (Courtesy OK Legislature/Kevin Stitt for Governor)

Republican primary politics are heating up as the newest member of the party in the gubernatorial race, Kevin Stitt, is trying to get answers about how a senior adviser to his competition ended up on a campaign strategy conference call.

The incident, first reported in the Tulsa World, happened during a Stitt campaign call when a member of Lieutenant Governor Todd Lamb’s campaign staff joined the call. Stitt’s campaign said Keith Beall, Lamb’s campaign manager, joined the call but did not identify himself.

Beall told The World he was tricked into joining the call by a text message, which he deleted. Lamb’s campaign called it a political trick.

Stitt sent a personal email to Lamb’s campaign asking for the phone number that contacted Beall. In the email that the campaign provided to FOX 25, Stitt said he had set high ethical standards for his campaign and said if Lamb’s campaign would provide the number, he would fire the staffer that provided the call-in information.

Stitt told Lamb that he is committed to running a clean campaign and that the state’s issues are too serious for political ‘trickery’ or “snookering.”

Lamb and his campaign did not respond to Stitt.

However in an email to FOX 25, Lamb’s campaign spokesman John Cox said:

“While I recognize Mr. Stitt’s desire to understand how his team could allow campaign information to be disseminated, the Lamb campaign will spend no more time on the subject. Rather, our focus will remain on substantive issues, including our six-point Ethics in Government reform plan released last week.”

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