Rep. Kendra Horn aims for government to re-open before discussing border security

    Congresswoman Kendra Horn spoke with FOX 25 in an exclusive interview on Wednesday Jan. 23. (KOKH)

    U.S. Rep. Kendra Horn won't budge on border security discussions until the government opens from its ongoing shutdown.

    Congresswoman Horn says there are still talks happening in the House, but like her Democratic colleagues, she wants the government open before talking border security.

    "We need to get the government back open again and then let's have a broader conversation that puts everything on the table in terms of border security," Horn said. "That includes smart technology, that includes perhaps in some places a physical barrier."

    Congresswoman Horn is not ruling out the possibility of a border barrier there, but maintaining what Democrats have been saying all along — open the government, then we'll talk.

    "Bottom line is, it's just never okay for us to shut the government down for political disagreements," Horn said. "That's why I voted nine times to open the government back up and we're still continuing conversations."

    Horn touched on the impact the shutdown has had on families of federal workers, which she believes is "not right" for the government to do its employees.

    "It is not right for us to ever ask people or require people, especially those who protect us, to work without paying them," Horn said. "So No. 1, we need to get the government back open. And then let's have a robust conversation about these issues that are on the table, including our security."

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