Program aims to reduce number of uninsured drivers in Oklahoma

A Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper escaped serious injuries after she was dragged by a car during a traffic stop in St. Charles.

A new program is targeting uninsured drivers on Oklahoma roads.

The system proposed by Oklahoma's District Attorney Council would involve a system of scanning license plates which would be linked to a database that provides insurance information about the driver.

Records show that more than a half million uninsured motorists travel Oklahoma's roadways every day.

District Attorney Mike Boring represents Beaver, Cimmarron, Harper and Texas counties and works closely with the DA Council.

He says for the proposal to work, the state's motor vehicle insurance database needs an upgrade.

Right now, there are two bills in the legislature that would move control of that database from the Department of Public Safety to the Oklahoma Insurance Department.

"Due to lack of funding and resources and manpower, that system has just not been developed to the extent necessary," said Boring.

This system will go live once the developments have been made and when it does, Boring says, it will be a win-win for all Oklahomans, decreasing the cost of car insurance.

Under the program, drivers caught without insurance coverage will face a fine of $200.

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