Principal arrested after allegations he sexually abused a family member for years

Jayson Larremore;Principal arrested after allegations he sexually abused a family member for years

KIEFER, Okla. (KTUL) – The principal of Upper Elementary School in Kiefer was arrested on complaints of sexually abusing a family member for years.

A school is supposed to be a place where you can trust the people who work there, which made arresting Jayson Larremore even more urgent to Fred Clark. Clark is the Chief Deputy of the Creek County Sheriff’s Office.

“It is important that children can go to someone that they trust,” he said. “He should have been someone that they trusted, obviously that wasn’t the case.”

Clark said a family member of Larremore recently came forward, accusing him of sexually abusing her for years.

“This approximately went about seven years with this young lady,” said Clark. “Anytime we have an allegation like this, all investigators, all law enforcement take it very seriously, and we try to do the best that we can to make sure to follow up on these accusations made against somebody.”

Court documents said he repeatedly touched the victim inappropriately. Many times, it happened with Larremore’s wife and daughter sleeping in the other room.

Clark said this began when the victim was 9-years-old. It stopped four years ago when she turned 16. It wasn’t until January 2019 that she came forward with the allegations.

“For this young lady, it took her a long time to come forward and have the courage to do this, and we are thankful she was able to, so we don’t have any other victims from this same person,” said Clark.

Court documents show that family members tried to keep it quiet, even having a meeting to talk about the accused crimes. During that meeting, family members had agreed that Larremore would resign from teaching and ministry and seek counseling.

When the victim heard he got a principal job at Kiefer, the victim told law enforcement she knew it was time to turn him in.

“We hope that children no matter what age are able to come forward and go to someone that they do trust and let somebody know that something is going on that’s not appropriate,” said Clark.

Larremore now faces several charges, including child sexual abuse.

The school did not return our calls Thursday for comment. Many people in the community also did not want to make a comment on this situation but agree this young woman is very brave.

Kiefer Public Schools issued this statement regarding the situation:

On behalf of the Administration and Kiefer Board of Education, I would like to update you with regard to the termination of former principal, Jayson Larremore.
In January 2019, the Sapulpa Police Department (“SPD”) informed Kiefer Public School’s (“KPS”) Administration that it was investigating an alleged criminal incident involving Mr. Larremore. Due to the nature of the allegations, KPS terminated Mr. Larremore’s employment.
Yesterday, the SPD notifed KPS Administration that arrest warrants had been issued by the Creek County District Court relating to Mr. Larremore’s alleged prior criminal conduct and that he had been arrested by the SPD.
We have received a few inquiries regarding KPS’ hiring practices. Prior to hiring any new employee, KPS conducts an investigation into each potential employee’s background, including federal and state criminal background checks and speaking with prior employers and co-workers. Prior to being hired by KPS on July 1, 2018, Mr. Larremore was employed for approximately 8 years by another local school district, ultimately serving as a Principal at that school, and was employed for the ten (10) preceding years as a professor at a local university.
Mr. Larremore’s background investigation did not disclose any prior criminal charges or convictions. Further, Mr. Larremore was highly recommended by his prior employers and co-workers. Unfortunately, unreported criminal allegations, such as those currently levied against Mr. Larremore, are not discoverable through any federal or state background check
The alleged criminal activities leading to Mr. Larremore’s arrest occurred several years ago, in another jurisdiction. It is important to note that none of the alleged criminal behavior Mr. Larremore has been accused of occurred during his short term of employment at KPS.
If you have any concerns, please contact acting Principal, Randy Buntin by email. However, due to the fact there is an ongoing criminal case, please understand that we are not in a position to discuss any further details relating to this matter.
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