Positive Tomorrow's new facility aims to help OKC homeless children

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    A push here in OKC to reverse the growing number of homeless children. And now one non-profit that works to help homeless children is growing.

    Positive Tomorrow's new school will be officially opening their doors this September. We were here when they first broke ground here at General Pershing Blvd. and May Ave. This new facility will serve homeless children from infancy through eighth-grade. And have as many as 210 students at full capacity, which will almost triple the capacity of their current facility, which can only take in about 74 children. Positive tomorrows hopes to provide a standard on how to build a school for homeless children.

    "So far this school year we've turned away 50 kids and that's it's not been unusual to turn away as many as one hundred children at a time, there are many chronically homeless who are living in unsafe places there's not enough food at home, and those are the kids that need services like we can provide." said Susan Agel, President of Positive Tomorrows.

    According to the Homeless Alliance, in 2018, there were an estimated 6,000 people who were experiencing homelessness in Oklahoma City. More than 12-hundred of which were families with children. And Positive Tomorrows says as many as 4,000 children don't have permanent housing.

    Positive Tomorrows is a non-profit and this building was founded almost entirely through small donations. So if you want to donate or if you want to volunteer visit PositiveTomorrows.org.

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