Polls: Governor's race tightens ahead of Tuesday's election

(Sinclair Broadcasting photo)

Oklahomans head to the polls Tuesday to decide a number of political seats. But maybe none are as important as the race for Governor.

As we sit just a day away from the midterm elections, the latest polling data shows a seat that's been held by Republicans for the last eight years is moving closer and closer to blue.

The latest data from Sooner Poll, released on Sunday, shows Republican Kevin Stitt with a narrow three-point lead over Democrat Drew Edmondson. In the poll, Stitt received 47% of the vote, Edmondson had 44% and Libertarian candidate Chris Powell held around 3%.

Sooner Poll also noted 6% of its respondents remained undecided heading into Tuesday's midterm.

It's also not the only poll showing a change. The Cook Political Report recently changed its assessment of the race from 'Leans Republican' to 'Toss Up'.

More than 163,000 Oklahomans had already cast a ballot, either by mail or in the early voting period. According to data from the Oklahoma State Election Board, 50.8% of those votes were cast by Republicans, 40.7% by Democrats, 8.2% by Independents and 0.3% by Libertarians.

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