Police: Woman arrested after bringing malnourished infant to ER

Pamela Shavonne Dejear, 32, was arrested July 17 in Oklahoma City on a complaint of child neglect. (Oklahoma County Jail)

A mother found herself behind bars after police say she brought a malnourished infant to an Oklahoma City emergency room and didn't know the child's name or birth date.

The Oklahoma City Police Department confirms that Pamela Dejear, 32, was arrested July 17 on a complaint of child neglect.

Police reports show that Dejear brought an infant to the St. Anthony's emergency room. The woman told employees that she gave birth to the child a month ago and that she "needed it checked up". While speaking with workers, Dejear was allegedly unsure of the child's name or date of birth.

Employees continued to work with the woman, but contacted police after becoming suspicious of her behavior. An officer arrived on scene and spoke with Dejear. She stated she had given birth to the child in her apartment and had cut the umbilical cord herself.

The day after the birth, Dejear took the infant to the health department, who told her she needed to take the baby to the hospital. While police spoke with Dejear she allegedly become hostile and was taken into custody.

Hospital staff examined the infant and found her to be malnourished and "very hungry". The baby was found to be approximately 26-days old.

Dejear was later arrested and booked into the Oklahoma County Jail. The infant was taken into DHS custody.

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