Police: Suspects brought children to help shoplift

Police are looking for three shoplifting suspects at two stores in Oklahoma City. (Oklahoma City Police)

Oklahoma City police released photos of suspects they say stole thousands of dollars of merchandise from multiple stores.

Police said on March 4, they took more than $2,000 in merchandise from a Target on N. Pennsylvania and Memorial Rd.

"We know that they're connected to at least one other case, the one at Target," Oklahoma City Police Msgt. Gary Knight said. "But obviously we're going to be looking if they've done this anywhere else. We want to see exactly what kind of pattern of theft or criminal behavior they're engaging in."

Then on that same day, the suspects are seen on surveillance photos at Shoe Carnival on Belle Isle Blvd. where more than $1,000 in shoes were taken.

"That's something we take very serious," Knight said. "One, when it's somebody stealing from somebody else."

Police are calling the suspects serial shoplifters and are looking into if they're involved in any other cases.

They said in both of these cases, they have small children helping them take things out of the store.

"The kids are close by with the parents," Knight said. "They aren't getting separated. It's something that needs to stop and we need to get them identified."

Police said the suspects have the children going along with their plan, which is more of a reason why they want to get it stopped.

"They're not distracting the clerks," Knight said. "They're actually handing the merchandise to the kids and having them take it out of the store as if it that makes some kind of difference, which it doesn't."

Police said since the suspects have already been seen at a few stores, they want to put an end to it before anyone else gets hit.

If you have any information on the suspects, contact Crimestoppers at (405) 235-7300.

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