Police: Spencer police cruiser stolen

spencer police.jpg

A Spencer PD cruiser was stolen around 11:50 Tuesday morning on the 9200 block of NE 45th St in Spencer.

Officers were at the scene of an OG&E inspection for theft of electricity when a man ran from the home being inspected.

The owner of the house had attached jumper cables to OG&E lines and then ran the electric back to his home via extension cords.

Officers said when they arrived to arrest the owner he had run from the home but they found Ryan Kidder and Kayleena Thrasher.

Kidder had warrants out of Oklahoma county and Thrasher had a warrant out of Oklahoma county.

Thrasher was arrested without incident.

Officers said they placed Ryan Kidder in their patrol car and he managed to remove his hands from behind his back and drive away in the patrol car.

Kidder had dumped the police cruiser and ran into the woods by the time officers found the car.

Kidder is still on the run.

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