Police officers flooding OKC body armor store for new protective gear

This photo shows the inside of a bullet proof vest after it has been tested. At C.O.P.S. Products in OKC employees say they've been flooded with police officers looking for new gear. (Kylen Mills /KOKH)

Law enforcement officers are taking swift action to protect themselves.

A local body armor and police equipment store tells us their sales have gone through the roof.

They say the threat, is very real.

"There's a lot of change in the air right now and it's a volatile field,” said C.O.P.S. Products Sales Rep Mitch McIntire.

And law enforcement officers across Oklahoma are willing to spend big bucks to stay safe.

"Very Very worried. We have officers who've been out in the field for 20 plus years coming in and buying gear,” said McIntire.

C.O.P.S. Products in southwest OKC specializes in providing body armor and equipment to police. They say since the Dallas and Baton Rouge tragedies, they've been slammed.

"What we've run into lately is a huge demand for the departments and individuals to get an outer carrier, in an emergency if they've got an active shooter situation,” said McIntire.

From smaller concealed bulletproof vests that protect against handguns, to larger tactical gear, it can all run upwards of $500. Helmets and ballistic inserts can also add up. Sales Rep Mitch McIntire says they've been contacted not just by departments, but individual officers even willing to pay for their protection.

"Our orders have just been through the roof. Guys are going to the credit union, guys are putting off that vacation or upgrading their vehicle because of a need. It's unfortunate that that's what they feel they need to do,” said McIntire.

With many budgets strapped tight, some departments are fundraising for new gear.. We're told now it's more urgent than ever for police to be prepared for the worst.

"From a liability point of view many, many departments are very concerned and realize they may have to step up and do something they really haven’t planned to do for a while,” said McIntire.

C.O.P.S. Products also sells a range of vehicle armor and other heavy duty equipment if you're interested in learning more you can give them a call. They tell us they are also accepting donations for anyone who wants to help pay for cops protect themselves, again you can call the store at 405-232-7300.

The Pauls Valley FOP is one agency trying to raise money for new ballistic vests, to donate: click here.

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