OKC police: Man rents nearly $50,000 car using stolen identity

Police hope to identify a man who used a stolen identity to rent a nearly $50,000 vehicle in Oklahoma City. (Oklahoma City Police Department)

Oklahoma City police hope to identify a man who rented an expensive vehicle using a stolen identity.

Police reports show that on April 24 a man rented a 2018 Mercedes GLE350, which the business said was worht $48,909, from Hertz, 5201 S. Meridian, using a stolen identity. The vehicle was supposed to be returned on May 7, but was never brought back.

An investigation by the business led them to believe the man used stolen bank account information to rent the vehicle. The victim told police that he had been contacted by a different rental company who claimed the same thing had occurred.

Police have released surveillance footage of the man renting the vehicle. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.

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