Police: Man punched and slammed dog to the ground

Lyle Rony Benavides, 40, was arrested June 2 in Oklahoma City on a complaint of animal cruelty. (Oklahoma County Jail)

A man was arrested after witnesses allegedly saw him punching and slamming his dog to the ground.

Oklahoma City Police Department reports show that at approximately 8 p.m. June 2 an officer was flagged down in the area of NW 36 Street and May Avenue. Witnesses on scene told the officer that a man had been picking his dog up by a "choke collar" and slamming it onto the concrete. The man has also been allegedly punching the dog in its eyes and head. Witnesses also observed the dog being drug along the ground.

The officer approached the man, later identified as 40-year-old Lyle Rony Benavides, who stated that the witnesses were "liars". The man told police that he was out for a run and the dog wouldn't keep up, so he was "pulling the dog along". The officer noted that the dog was "cowering" and appeared to be afraid during their interaction with Benavides.

Police noted that Benavides had fresh scratch marks on his bare stomach, shoulders and back. When asked about the marks, he reportedly stated he got them from "having sex" with his girlfriend. A witness later told police that they observed the dog scratching Benavides when he lifted it off the ground.

Benavides was arrested on complaints of animal cruelty and later booked into the Oklahoma County Jail. The dog was released to the custody of Oklahoma City Animal Welfare.

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