Authorities: Man arrested for driving with almost 70 pounds of illegal drugs

Shawn Simmons, 30, arrested on multiple counts of illegal drugs. (Canadian County Sheriff's Office)

A man is in jail after allegedly trying to travel cross country with almost 70 pounds of illegal drugs in his car.

Police arrested 30-year-old, Shawn Simmons, of Oakland, Cali. Nov. 7 in Canadian County.

Simmons was driving east on I-40 near mile marker 114 when he was pulled over by a sheriff's deputy. Simmons claimed that he was driving to Nashville to see his sick father but his story didn't add up.

According to the deputy, Simmons said that he had not seen his father in four years and was traveling two days to see him. Simmons was only going to stay in Nashville for one day then drive back another two days back to California. Simmons had rented a Chevy Impala to make the drive to fathers house.

"My deputies thought it was strange that Simmons would rent a vehicle and drive for two days to see his father for less than a day, and then turn around and drive two days back to Oakland. But what they thought was even weirder than that, was Simmons was wearing a Tuxedo for his cross country drive," Canadian County Sheriff Chris West said.

Since the deputies where suspicious of Simmons story, they decided to have a Sheriff's Drug Detector Drug, K9 Eddy, to sniff the car.

K9 Eddy sniffed out the drugs and deputies took Simmons into custody.

After searching the vehicle, deputies reportedly found 43 pounds of marijuana and 26 pounds of other illegal marijuana products packed as candies, cookies, popcorn, cigars and vapored cigarettes.

Simmons is now in the Canadian County Jail where he was booked on two counts of Trafficking Marijuana, Trafficking in Illegal Drugs and Illegal Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. His bond is set at $200,000.

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