Police: Man accused of rape, kidnapping in southeast Oklahoma City


A man is accused of first-degree rape and kidnapping, according to a crime report.

Oklahoma City police say the victim tried to leave her home after 27-year-old Candido Balleza Jr. allegedly became angry with her for having someone else wash her vehicle.

Balleza is accused of stopping her from leaving by pinning her against a wall and taking away her car keys and phone.

The man allegedly removed the victim's clothes and had sexual intercourse with her.

The victim says she screamed at Balleza to stop, but he allegedly refused her requests and wouldn't let her get away from him, according to police.

Police say the victim was eventually able to leave and went to a family member's home, She was reportedly followed by Balleza, who eventually drove away after she wouldn't exit her vehicle.

Oklahoma City police arrested Balleza and booked him into Oklahoma County jail on complaints of rape and kidnapping on Oct. 16.

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