Burglary roundup: Police looking for suspects behind two separate crimes

Police say these two men are suspected of separate home burglaries in Oklahoma City. (Oklahoma City Police Department)

Police are looking for thieves who recently burglarized metro homes. The two separate incidents happened last week in northwest and far southeast Oklahoma City.

The homeowner told FOX 25 the suspect got in through the side fence, next to his garage. The suspect stole about $1,500 worth of bicycles and tools, but what the suspect didn't expect during this robbery, was to be caught on camera.

Caught red handed in the act, staring right into the camera. Home owner, Brian Bowling, installed high-def security cameras on the side of his garage, catching this suspect stealing his belongings while he was sleeping.

“I had actually just gotten up to feed my dog about 5:50-ish. So had it of been maybe about 10 minutes earlier, I would have been with him in the garage,” Bowling said.

Surveillance video shows the suspect peeking over the fence and dropping a cigarette on the ground, which shows up on the video as a hot spot. Bowling said the thief made two trips to his garage, taking his bike, his wife's bike and tools.

“I feel very violated. It's something, very crazy to feel like someone could just come into your house at will and take whatever they want,” Bowling said.

But he's not the only one who feels violated. On the far southeast side of Oklahoma City, police reports show a different suspect burglarized a vacant home after the owner died. Police reports also show this happened twice; August 20th and August 26th.

“It makes it certainly an easier target for a thief when he realizes nobody's even living in the house to report it immediately,” said OCPD Msgt. Gary Knight.

So now, Bowling said he's installing more cameras.

“I'm very happy that a got a few of them on the dark side of my house,” Knight said.

And he's also uploaded the pictures to an app called Nextdoor. It's an app police recommend homeowners to download so they can stay connected with what's going on in their neighborhood.

Police also recommend installing cameras on all entry points of your house, including the driveway. Also, think about installing flood lights. Officers said once those lights come on, thieves are more likely to run off. And it doesn't hurt to install a security system or if you have large dog, that could be effective too.

“Talk to the neighbors. In fact, I've talked to more of my neighbors now since this,” Bowling said. “So I think maybe our neighborhood's coming a little bit closer together because of it.”

Police reports show a neighbor saw two sets of foot prints in a different backyard. And with two bikes taken, it would be tough to get them out. Bowling told FOX 25 police took the cigarette butt the suspect dropped as evidence. He's hoping that will help with their investigation. In Bowling’s situation, police said they’re looking for two suspects.

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