Neighbor relives moments drive by shooting victim died in front of him

    Officers responded around 10 a.m. to the call from a residential area near 36th Street North and M.L.K. Jr. Boulevard. (KTUL)

    Shots were fired along North Garrison near the Gilcrease Expressway on Tuesday morning.

    The victim who was killed has been identified at 27-year-old Jeremy Woodfork.

    "Not so surprising," says Paul Jordan, who lives near by. "From in my house, I hear gunshots in my house every day."

    Even so, today was a little different.

    This time, after the gunshots, there was a crash.

    "When I came out, I saw my neighbor's car two houses down from me," said Jordan.

    Jordan ran to the car as he called 911.

    "I was on 911 twice, and I was on hold both times," said Jordan. Hope faded when he opened the door.

    "The blood was pooling in the seat underneath him," said Jordan.

    Police say it was a drive-by shooting, possibly gang related.

    All Jordan knows is he just watched Woodfork die.

    "He gurgled, and took a deep breath, and that's when, I think, he was gone," said Jordan.

    Sergeant Dave Walker with Tulsa Police Homicide said a car drove up next to the victim's car this morning. He says the passenger did the rest.

    "Leaned out and fired multiple rounds into the vehicle," said Walker.

    Jordan owns a four-bedroom rental home near where this all happened. He has an idea for a new tenant that could help with crime in the area.

    "I want to put a police officer in here with a police cruiser presence," said Jordan.

    He said he'll even throw in a big discount on rent, should a police officer take interest.

    Police say they are working to get a good description of the suspect's vehicle. The victim and suspect likely knew each other, according to police.

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