Police identify two arrested following shooting at Edmond home

Police have arrested two men following a March 6 shooting at an Edmond home. (Edmond Police Department)

Authorities have identified two people arrested following an early morning shooting at an Edmond home.

The Edmond Police Department confirms that Terry Wise and Allen Mandrell both were arrested on complaints of shooting with intent to kill.

Just before 3 a.m. March 6 police were called to a home at 1109 Apollo Circle after a man was shot several times at a home. Police arrived on scene and transported Steven Dilley, 47, to the hospital with two gunshot wounds.

A woman and her daughter were at Dilley's home and told police that they had only been staying there for two days to get out of a "bad situation". The woman told police that Dilley had been speaking on the phone on and off with a woman throughout the night. At about 2:15 a.m., Dilley told the woman that he had a friend coming over and asked the two to stay in a middle room at the house. While in the middle room the woman heard both female and male voices in the home. The woman told police that she heard a man telling Dilley to get on the ground before hearing several gunshots.

She then heard a woman's voice ask "what happened" before Dilley stating "they were your friends". Dilley then told the individual to leave the home. At that point, the woman staying at the home came out of the bedroom and found Dilley with gunshot wounds.

At 4 a.m. police received a 911 call from a resident a few blocks away stating they found a man in their backyard. The man, later identified as 34-year-old Terry Wise, fled the scene, but was eventually taken into custody by police. Police say Wise was intoxicated on an unknown substance and had to detox for several hours before he could be questioned.

Another 911 call came in to police around 7:30 a.m. stating a man was laying in the road screaming and not making sense at 746 Enterprise Drive. Police arrived and took 46-year-old Allen Mandrell into custody. Mandrell was also heavily intoxicated on an unknown substance and needed to detox. Police allegedly found baggies of marijuana and meth inside Mandrell's pants.

The shooting victim, Dilley, went through surgery Tuesday. He remains at a local hospital. Police do expect more charges to be filed in the case.

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