Police: Bixby substitute teacher arrested, accused of exchanging nude photos with student

Anna Lewis, 22, was arrested Wednesday on complaints of making a lewd proposal to a minor and violating the Computer Crimes Act, according to jail documents. (Tulsa County Jail)

BIXBY, Okla. (KTUL) - A former substitute teacher for Bixby Public Schools has been arrested on accusations that she exchanged nude photographs with a student.

Anna Lewis, 22, was arrested Wednesday on complaints of making a lewd proposal to a minor and violating the Computer Crimes Act, according to jail documents. Police say they began investigating a possible inappropriate relationship between Lewis and a student at the Bixby Ninth Grade Center in early November.

Police say Lewis was subbing a class Nov. 9 when she reportedly asked the class if they knew a certain student. She also told the class she was talking to and sleeping with that student, according to police documents. A parent later reported to the school's principal that his daughter had overheard several comments about Lewis having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Police say the student Lewis claimed to be having a relationship with told them that Lewis reached out to him on Instagram after she subbed for one of his classes. The student claimed Lewis's original message was about changing the oil in her car, but Lewis later sent him a fully nude picture of her getting out of the shower, according to police documents.

The student admitted to police that he also sent Lewis nude photographs after she asked for them, according to the arrest report. Police say Lewis sent the student around 10 nude photos, mostly on Snapchat.

In an interview with police, Lewis told detectives she downloaded Snapchat after subbing for the victim's class, but the victim was the one who sent her an add request. Lewis reportedly said "she was going through a lot and had been drinking a lot," according to her arrest report. Police say she claimed the victim sent her a nude photograph, and she allegedly replied with, "I'm scared to talk to you because not only are you a minor and I'm twenty-two your also a student for a school that I work for."

Lewis told police she thought the victim was attractive but viewed him as a kid. She also claims she told the victim that she "did not want to be the next girl on his list" and that she is not ready to date, according to the arrest report. She said she did not tell the victim to stop sending her nude photos but believed she should have. Lewis later admitted to sending the victim a photo of her nude genitals.

Police say they did not find child pornography on Lewis Instagram account, but they found several messages between the victim and Lewis about meeting for oral and physical sex acts. The majority of the data from Lewis's Snapchat account had been deleted from the company's server before it received the search warrant, according to police.

Bixby Public Schools says personnel reported the information on the alleged relationship to the student's parents the day the report surfaced.

"On November 9, 2017 a student reported to her teacher that on the previous day, November 8, 2017, a substitute had made inappropriate comments and innuendo about another student," the district wrote in a statement. "The substitute in question was substituting at a different school on November 9th. The substitute was questioned then released as a substitute. School personnel reported the information to the student's parents and legal authorities on November 9, 2017. Due to the application of laws related to student and personnel confidentiality, no public comment will be made on this matter."

Kelly Services, the agency Bixby Schools uses to hire its substitute teachers, released a statement about the incident:

"We are always concerned about any reports of inappropriate behavior by one of our employees, and take these matters very seriously as student safety is our number one priority. We are fully cooperating in the investigation of this matter. Kelly Services conducts business based on the highest standards of integrity, quality and professional excellence, and as such, we do not discuss matters specific to an individual’s background or employment.”

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