People across the country send pizza to support Oklahoma teachers during walkout

Pizza orders to Stone Sisters Pizza Bar are coming in from all over the country to support the Oklahoma teachers. (Stone Sisters Pizza Bar)

Oklahoma teachers have received support from across the country as they walked out of the classroom, demanding better funding and pay raises.

Some of that support has come in the form of pizza.

Stone Sisters Pizza Bar in Oklahoma City says they've been taking calls from people around the country who want to help out. According to a Facebook post, it started with a man in Denver who ordered 10 pizzas to be delivered to the teachers rallying at the Capitol.

According to the restaurant, Bobby Clark then sent the joint's number out to his friends and that's when the calls started flooding in.

Stone Sisters has received orders from Palm Springs, Calif., Portland, Ore. and San Antonio, Tx., all showing support for teachers during the walkout.

"You guys are such good people to give to these deserving teachers!" the restaurant wrote on its Facebook page.

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