Pawnee police: 2 teenagers arrested after school threat

Pawnee police: 2 teenagers arrested after school threat (KTUL)

Two Pawnee County teenagers are in custody after authorities say they were planning a school shooting.

According to Pawnee Police Chief Wesley Clymer, two teens were arrested Tuesday after sheriff's deputies uncovered their alleged plan to open fire at Pawnee High School. Investigators say the suspects planned to take their own lives after the attack.

Clymer says there is no active threat and the investigation is ongoing.

The principal of Pawnee High School, Bobby Miller, issued a statement to parents and guardians about the incident:

We have dealt with a threat toward the school, identified through social media. Law enforcement was immediately notified. The responsible persons for the threat are now under the jurisdiction of law enforcement. We appreciate the immediate response from Police Chief Wes Clymer, Pawnee County Sheriff Mike Waters, and the other law enforcement agencies involved. There is no current threat towards the school, and we are looking forward to the beginning of the school year.

The people of this quiet, ranching town are breathing a collective sigh of relief, but they’re also facing a wide range of emotions when it comes to what might have happened.

Fortunately, a tip to a crime hotline in Oklahoma City foiled the plot. The FBI was alerted along with local law enforcement and the school district.

Police and deputies went to the suspects' homes where the teens admitted their plan. Clymer said enough evidence was found to allow the arrests and end any threat.

The whole town has been shocked by the situation because it’s a place with few strangers and everyone would have been touched by the violence.

“Right in the heart," said Clymer. "This is a host of emotions. You’re going to know everyone involved in and out. Plus, I've got kids in the system, all three buildings.”

The chief isn’t the only one who knows that Pawnee’s schools are the heart of the town. Parents have struggled to help their kids deal with the situation.

Karla Knifechief said, “My daughter was scared last night when she’d heard what was going on and she said 'I don't even know what to think mom.' And I said I know.”

Knifechief said it’s hard to imagine what might have happened and how hard it would have hit this town.

“I just don't know what we'd do. We'd be so devastated. All of us," she added.

Jesse Wimberly has a son and a niece in the system.

Wimberly said, "It’s sickening and I really feel blessed though that we stopped it. It makes you think about all the people that's had to go through that.”

We’ve been in contact with the district attorney’s office but so far there’s no word on charges.

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