Burned body of pastor found near church in Chickasha

Police investigate after a Chickasha pastor's body was found burned early June 16. (KOKH/Julie Calhoun)

Police are investigating after the burned body of a Chickasha pastor was found early Friday near his church.

The Chickasha Police Department reports that just after 7:45 a.m. June 16 the body of Pastor Michael Dean Walworth, 55, was found lying on the ground and burned between the First Missionary Baptist Church, 1401 S. 12 Street, and his residence.

Dallas Morris lives across the street from the church. He said every morning he makes sure Walworth and his dog are up and OK. But something today felt different.

"I always look directly across the street before I leave," Morris said. "Didn't see nothing. (I) go for a walk at Chandler Springs park like I do every morning I and come home to this."

Walworth was pronounced dead on scene. How the fire was set is currently under investigation. Police believe the incident is isolated and their is no further danger to public safety.

Morris has lived across the street from Walworth since he moved in 13 years ago and has had regular conversations with him.

"Somebody's having a bad day and (he'll) have a joke with them and cheer them up," Morris said. "Making jokes about his dog Tesla. Things like that, people like that, they're rare."

Many neighbors said Walworth would regularly counsel and work with people going through hard times.

"He did counseling for guys that had been in trouble and try to turn their lives around," Morris said. "That was his purpose."

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