Attorney: Parents of Terence Crutcher to sue City of Tulsa for wrongful death

This undated photo provided by the Parks & Crump, LLC shows Terence Crutcher, left, with his father, Joey Crutcher. (Courtesy of Crutcher Family/Parks & Crump, LLC via AP)

The lawsuits continue following the death of Terence Crutcher.

An attorney for the Crutcher family has announced that Crutcher's estate, on behalf of parents Joey and Leanne Crutcher, is suing the City of Tulsa under Oklahoma's wrongful death law for the deadly September 2016 shooting.

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Then-Officer Betty Shelby was charged with first-degree manslaughter in Crutcher's death but was acquitted by a jury in May 2017. She later resigned from the Tulsa Police Department before becoming a deputy for the Rogers County Sheriff's Office.

Crutcher's estate has already filed a civil lawsuit against Shelby and Police Chief Chuck Jordan, accusing Shelby of unnecessarily shooting Crutcher due to racial biases in the police department. Lawyers for the Crutcher family say the wrongful death suit is being filed because the civil rights lawsuit does not include any claims by Joey and Leanne Crutcher "for their suffering, grief, and loss of companionship with Terence."

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A press conference to announce the lawsuit has been scheduled for 2 p.m. Wednesday.

The City of Tulsa's Mayor, G.T. Bynum released this statement Wednesday evening.

"The Crutcher family are good people who have endured a terrible tragedy. Our state has a judicial system in place to render justice, and I respect the need for that process to take its course. At the same time, significant work is occurring to address issues of disparity that I believe the Crutcher family and I both care about.”
"We continue to make progress on the findings of the Tulsa Commission on Community Policing, which anyone is free to track on the City website. Today, we released one of the most important reports in the history of our city regarding inequalities that exist in Tulsa. This summer, we will release a comprehensive strategy to address issues of racial disparity that will be the work product of hundreds of Tulsans and resources from around the world.”
"These are very tangible, concrete steps we are taking to be the kind of city where every child has an equal shot at a great life regardless of the part of town in which they are raised."

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