Professor explains emotional call for OU President's resignation

    An OU banner on the Norman campus. (File)

    Tensions exploding Tuesday on the University of Oklahoma campus at a rally to end racism on campus.

    A professor publicly calling for the resignation of University president Jim Gallogly.

    In the rally, Gallogly said, "I have been asked to come here and solve a problem. Maybe I don't deserve your respect. Maybe I don’t, but I’m here working very very hard. I’m working to make this a better place."

    Professor Suzette Grillot, who was told she could no longer be the Dean of the College of International Studies, said she was asked to speak at the rally on Friday, already knowing that she was being given the option to resign.

    Grillot didn’t take the offer to resign, saying her silence is not for sale. She said it came after a heated discussion about budget cuts to the program she was over.

    President Gallegly however, brought up another issue in the rally after Grillot called for his resignation.

    "I asked each one of the colleges what specific things you're doing to make sure we have diversity in our community and inclusive society,” He said Grillot did not do the assignment.

    Grillot responded by saying she was hoping to speak with President Gallogly in person about the task.

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