OSBI releases more details during search for two teens after shooting

Malcolm Jackson (left) and Dmillion Williams (right) have first-degree murder warrants out for their arrest.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is searching to two teenagers its says were involved in the shooting death of a man in Chickasha last weekend.

The exact motive for the killing is unclear, but investigators say it was more than just a drug deal gone wrong, and the teens planned to shoot that man all along.

Investigators say it all started when 20-year-old Troy Jennings went to pick up two fifteen-year-old girls at their homes and brought them to an Oklahoma City motel.

That's when they met up with sixteen-year-old Dmillion Williams, aka "NinePoint" and eighteen-year-old Malcolm Jackson, aka "Highlife," the two teens authorities are still looking for.

The OSBI says Williams asked one of the girls if she knew anyone they could buy drugs from, and that's when she contacted Arnold Adams, the victim, over Snapchat.

"She contacted Adams through a social media platform, and then they went there basically," said Lynn Williams, the assistant special agent in charge of the southwest region for the OSBI. "She arranged the purchase, but the intent was to rob and kill him."

Investigators say the group stopped at the home of a third teen-aged girl in south Oklahoma City to pick up a gun before heading to Chickasha.

Before arriving at Arnold Adams' home, allegedly to buy marijuana, the OSBI says Dmillion Williams got in the back of the truck with a gun.

"Dmillion Williams stood up in the back of the pickup and started shooting at him," Agent Williams said. "Mr. Adams attempted to flee, he was shot. Mr. Williams, Dmillion Williams jumped out of the bed of the pickup and obtained the marijuana, got back in the pickup, then Mr. Jennings drove them back to the motel in Oklahoma City."

The OSBI says none of the teens knew Arnold Adams personally, they only knew of him through social media.

Four of the teens have already been arrested and booked for first-degree murder.

The OSBI says if you do see either Dmillion Williams or Malcolm Jackson, don't approach them and call 911.

Both are considered to be armed and dangerous.

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