Organizations provide repairs to veteran's home

A local Korea War veteran had major repairs done to his house by volunteers from the Home Depot. (KOKH/Will Maetzold)

Since coming back from serving in the Army in the Korean War, Joseph Moore was able to transition to a normal life.

He had a job as a tailor and a home on the south side of the city.

But now 91 years old, Moore's home isn't quite what it used to be.

"I had leaks in the house," he said. "Bad over there on that side and it destroyed a lot of stuff I had."

Moore had been trying for years to get help to maintain his house and even had to explain his situation in court.

"They had taken me for court and I told the judge at that time, 'Your honor I can't put any more money into that house because if I did I'd have nothing to live off of,'" Moore said.

When Rebuilding Together OKC heard about his situation, they decided to step in. The group contacted the Home Depot, which has a program to help rebuild veterans' homes.

Store manager Mitch Rusk brought in a team of volunteers.

"The mission of making sure every veteran has a safe place to call home resonates very deep with us," Rusk said. "Just to be able to come out and take care of our communities."

The renovations included new appliances, siding, paint, lighting and even fixing a major hole in the ceiling of one room.

"When you take the people through it when they first get here and after working all day and get to see it at the end, it's a pretty rewarding experience," Rusk said.

It's hard to argue anyone is more grateful than Moore.

"I have to check myself to find out," he said. "Pinch myself to make sure I'm still alive."

All of the Home Depot volunteers worked on their regular days off from the store.

The volunteers have done three renovation projects for local veterans.

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