Asher reserve police officer dies following fiery crash

One person died following a crash Feb. 6 along US-177 south of Shawnee. (KOKH/Caroline Vandergriff)

According to Oklahoma Highway Patrol, a reserve officer with the Asher Police Department died after a fiery crash Tuesday.

OHP says Officer Jarate Dewayne Condit, 23, was heading to training in Shawnee around 5:30 p.m. Feb. 6. when he lost control of his car on US-177, south of 59.

"The roads are slick," a witness told FOX 25. "He was just passing other vehicles, and when he tried to correct himself in the lane, he just slid off and went over the river."

The vehicle then caught fire.

The officer died at the scene.

Authorities haven't confirmed exactly what caused the vehicle to go off the road, but the highway was slick at the time of the accident. The area had seen patches of freezing drizzle all afternoon.

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