Oklahoma State Fair takes extra steps to ensure amusement ride safety

The Department of Labor and the Oklahoma State Fair goes the extra mile to make sure everyone has both a fun and safe time at the annual fair. (KOKH)

Everyone wants to feel safe at the Oklahoma State Fair, and it's the inspections that make you safe.

Oklahoma is one of 30 states that regulate amusement rides and a ride must pass inspection before being in operation.

And when it comes to inspection, the State Fair is unique for the state of Oklahoma.

"The state of Oklahoma has a model of amusement ride safety and the state fair actually takes it one step further," Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Melissa Houston said. "They have a third party inspector that is required by the fair board. They have anther third party inspector that is required of the ride vendor."

Houston, says parents can help with safety too by not breaking any rules.

"Many parents will see 'you must be this high to ride' and think it means it's a scary ride and my kid can handle it," Houston said. "That's actually not what it is. It's not a level of maturity, it is an engineering schematic for the body."

The state fair has 76 rides and inspectors have been there since Sunday.

The Department of Labor will be on site for the entirety of the State Fair with 8 inspectors with a combined experience of 52 years.

"Anytime the lights are on at the big wheel, State Department inspectors will be here," Houston said.

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