Oklahoma State Election Board releases statement about voter turnout

TPS cancels classes on Election Day so teachers, administrators can vote

This years primary election saw a large turnout of Oklahoma voters.

The Oklahoma State Election Board Secretary, Paul Ziriax, released a statement saying he was "proud" of the turnout.

"As the state’s chief election official, I am proud of Oklahoma voters for turning out in large numbers for yesterday’s Primary Election," Ziriax said. "Most people voted yesterday than in the 2014 General Election or the 2016 Presidential Primary. We hope this level of voter engagement continues in the Runoff Primary on August 28 and the General Election on November 6."

The election board also released turnout comparisons from past years.


2018 Primary votes cast: 452,194

2014 Primary votes cast: 264,894

2016 PPP votes cast: 459,922


2018 Primary votes cast: 3,549


2018 Primary votes cast: 395,038

2014 Primary votes cast: 167,863

2016 PPP votes cast: 335,843


2018 SQ votes cast: 891,654

2014 combined primary votes cast: 432,757

2014 general votes cast: 824,831

2016 combined PPP votes cast: 795,765

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