Oklahoma soldier presents battle flag to Rogers County Sheriff

Sgt. William Preston Harrell presents battle flag to Rogers County Sheriff (Courtesy Rogers County Sheriff's Department)

An Oklahoma soldier who recently returned home after serving in Iraq and Kuwait delivered a special gift to his favorite law enforcement officer Wednesday.

Sgt. William Preston Harrell of the Oklahoma Army National Guard dropped by the Rogers County Sheriff's Department to hand-deliver an American flag to Sheriff Scott Walton.

Sgt. Harrell served as a Crew Chief on a UH-60M Blackhawk helicopter during his time in the Middle East.

Assigned to Charlie Company of the 1/244 Assault Helicopter Battalion, Harrell carried out dangerous missions in the region and decided to bring his unit's battle flag back home with him.

The sergeant could think of no worthier recipient of that flag than Sheriff Walton, he said.

Harrell and Walton posed together with the battle flag, which Walton said he was honored to receive.

"Thank you, Sgt. Harrell, for serving our Nation," Sheriff Walton said.

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