Oklahoma lawmakers weigh in on abortion debate after pro-life rally

    Citizens passed out roses to lawmakers on Wednesday (KOKH Mckenna Eubank). <p>{/p}

    Abortion took center stage at the State Capitol on Wednesday.

    Pro-life Oklahoman's brought roses to lawmakers, representing the sanctity of the unborn.

    Abortion arguments between local lawmakers tend to lean toward pro-life, but are very different for some.

    There are supporters of Senate Bill thirteen, which would abolish abortion and birth control completely. Other lawmakers are pushing for more contraceptives and education.

    Some say abortion laws can only be changed from the top down.

    Senator Jason Dunnington told Fox 25, "No matter what we do here at the state level, everything will have to go up to the federal level and until those at the federal level decide to do something different if they do, then this issue is pretty much a done issue here."

    Based on President Trump's State of the Union Address Tuesday night, federal changes could happen.

    "Let us work together to build a culture that cherishes innocent life," the President said.

    Lawmakers like Representative Joseph Silk however, still push for change from the bottom up.

    "Those immoral unconstitutional opinions that the supreme court gives, the state has to stand up and abolish them and actually uphold the constitution," he said.

    Silk wrote SB 13, which would abolish abortion -- contraceptives included.

    "We've been running pro-life legislation for forty-three years,” Silk said, “and Oklahoma, being one of the most prolife states in the union, still kills about $5,000 babies a year."

    Dunnington, who admits he is one of the few pro-choice lawmakers in the state capitol, argues abortion from another angle.

    "We can teach comprehensive sex education in schools, and we can provide better access to contraception,” Dunnington explained, “We know, empirical data shows us that if we do those two simple things, we will lower the rate of abortion by half in the state of Oklahoma."

    He went on to say, no lawmakers are anti-life.

    "We have turned this into a political issue and we are failing to get down to the things we can actually do to help resolve some of the problem," According to Dunnington.

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