Oklahoma law restricting left lane drivers takes effect in two weeks

Traffic on an Oklahoma City area highway can be seen. A new law concerning the left hand lane goes into effect on November 1, 2017. (KOKH)

Starting November first, it will be against the law to drive in the left lane, unless you are passing in Oklahoma.

"What it mainly speaks to is, people that just drive in the left lane continuously for miles at a time," said Cpt. Paul Timmons with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

If you are pulled over, you could get a ticket for upwards of $200.

"Anytime that you're in that left lane and there is another vehicle that pulls up behind you regardless of if you're going the speed limit you have to move over and let them pass," said Timmons.

The law only applied to State Highways, U.S. Highways, and Turnpikes. The reason behind the law is public safety. According to OHP it's to cut down on the amount of drivers that are forced to pass on the right, and road rage cases. It will be up to law enforcement to determine who gets pulled over and who does not.

"There's going to be situations especially in the Oklahoma City or Tulsa area where you have higher volumes of traffic especially during morning rush or evening rush where there is going to be some exceptions, and there's also some exceptions when people are exiting on the left," said Timmons.

The law is also to assist first responders, allowing them an empty lane so they can cut down on response times.

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