Oklahoma House not ready to tap state's Rainy Day Fund

The Oklahoma State Capitol. (KOKH)

(AP) -- Oklahoma House Republicans aren't ready to endorse a plan that's backed by Gov. Mary Fallin and Senate Republicans to dip into the state's Rainy Day fund to ease this year's budget cuts to schools and prisons.

House Speaker Jeff Hickman said after a closed-door meeting of House Republicans Tuesday that there is no agreement to tap $72 million from the constitutional reserve fund.

Fallin on Monday announced a plan to spend $51 million for public schools and $21 million for the Department of Corrections for the rest of the fiscal year. Senate Appropriations Chairman Sen. Clark Jolley says Senate Republicans support the idea.

But Hickman says his members are concerned the Rainy Day fund's current $385 million balance will be needed to shore up next fiscal year's $1.3 billion shortfall.

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