Oklahoma game wardens gearing up for the deer gun season opener

Game Warden Brady May cited poachers with a total of 9 wildlife violation notices, totaling nearly $10,000 in minimum fines (Oklahoma Game Wardens).

Saturday marks the start of deer gun season in Oklahoma, and while hunters are getting prepared for the season opener – so are state game wardens.

“Getting the coffee pot cleaned and ready to go, making sure our trucks are organized and we know where all of our equipment is to be able to go out and serve our sportsmen,” said Tell Judkins, a state game warden in Cleveland County.

Game wardens like Judkins will be working non-stop the next few weeks, to ensure everyone stays safe while hunting. Judkins will be patrolling and doing compliance checks, making sure:

  • Hunters have a hunting license and a deer gun tag
  • Hunters wear two pieces of hunter orange – one on their upper body and one on their head
  • Hunters follow the three deer limit (one antlered, two unantlered) during gun season

“Luckily, most of the hunters in Oklahoma are 100% legal and good to go, but for those that aren’t, fines can vary anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars,” Judkins said.

The Oklahoma game wardens share stories of poachers on their Facebook page, detailing their crimes and the fines they now owe.

“We’ll find them,” said Judkins. “Usually people like to brag about their harvests, so word gets back to us eventually.”

He says it’s much easier to hunt legally, so you can enjoy your harvest and he can avoid handing you expensive citations.

“I hope everyone stays safe and has fun and goes out and gets them a great harvest and is able to fill the dinner table for Thanksgiving with some nice fresh venison,” said Judkins.

Deer gun season runs through December 3rd. You can find more information on the rules and regulations hunters must follow in the Oklahoma Hunting Regulation Guide.

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