Oklahoma City's race for a new mayor: Taylor Neighbors

Taylor Neighbors is running to be the next mayor of Oklahoma City. (KOKH)

Oklahoma City will have a new mayor for the first time in 14 years. FOX 25 has got your back before you go to the polls by introducing you to the candidates on the ballot.

Taylor Neighbors, a political newcomer and junior at OU, says she has a plan to help the people of this city. It wasn't just the chance to impact the future of Oklahoma City that drew her to the mayor's race.

"Politics was never really what I wanted to go into. I went in because there wasn't a candidate that seemed to represent what I believed in," Neighbors said.

As controversies mounted in both national and Oklahoma politics, Neighbors felt the need to have her voice heard and she felt current front-runner David Holt did not represent people like her.

"A man that went to the philanthropist and billionaires and bank owners of Oklahoma City and he told them what he would do for them first and he raised his money," Neighbors said.

For her campaign, what Neighbors lacks in donations, she makes up for in accessibility through old fashioned door knocking and social media.

"I go to every door I can. I use every resource I can I'm really big on Facebook, every night at 7 I do a live Q and A where I try to answer as many questions as possible," Neighbors said.

The candidate is a piano major with a minor in history and says law school could be in her future. If elected she plans to support programs that will directly impact neighborhoods and every day people in Oklahoma City.

"My first instinct would not to go and build a new convention center or do a street car, it would be to impact Oklahoma City citizen's lives in ways that they feel every day. So, the streets we see crumbling, education that we have a huge influence in," Neighbors said.

She tells FOX 25 her campaign is about principles and she hopes her one-on-one approach with voters will end with her in city hall.

Neighbors squares off with Holt and Randall Smith in the mayoral race on Feb. 13.

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