Oklahoma City students with licenses allowed to use medical marijuana in school

    Medical marijuana can only be used in a private room. (KOKH/Connor Hansen)<p>{/p}

    OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. (KOKH) - Students can now use medical marijuana inside Oklahoma City Public Schools if it's prescribed by a doctor.

    The school board voted on the policy on Monday night, but it does come with some rules.

    "We really want to try to minimize the amount of time that the student is out of the classroom," said Arely Martin, the media relations manager for Oklahoma City Public Schools.

    Students will only be able to use the medical marijuana in a private room.

    It can only be brought in by a parent or guardian who is also a licensed caregiver.

    "Typically, it will be the parent of the student that will have to do that, and they'll come and speak to the front office, the student will be called and we'll have a private space for them, but it will not be any OKCPS employee," Martin said.

    Those caregivers can only bring smokeless marijuana like oils, edibles or pills.

    They can only bring enough for one use.

    Peak Dispensary in Edmond has had thousands of patients throughout the state buy its products.

    Its CEO says they're seeing more and more children some in for medication.

    "We see dozens of school aged children," said Corbin Wyatt, the dispensary's CEO. "Anywhere as low as upper elementary, all the way through high school coming into our stores. Many, many different ailments, and the parents are always very open to trying to help them out."

    Wyatt never thought he'd see the day when medical marijuana was allowed in schools, but believes it's a step in the right direction.

    "We've honestly seen such a huge turnaround in a lot of the children that have come in that it makes me excited to know they'll be able to continue their medication while they're at school," Wyatt said.

    The school district didn't know exactly how many students will need to use medical marijuana in school, but it wanted to have a plan in place if any of them do.

    The policy could be adjusted based on any changes in the law, or any issues that come up.

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