Oklahoma City ranked 4th least safe in WalletHub analysis

Oklahoma City ranked one of the least safe cities in the US., according to WalletHub study. (KOKH/Jordann Lucero)

A new study released Monday, ranks Oklahoma City at the bottom of the list when it comes to safety.

WalletHub ranks Oklahoma City 179th out of 182 American cities.

"To determine where Americans can feel most secure - in more than one sense - WalletHub’s analysts compared more than 180 cities across 35 key indicators of safety," the study says.

In Oklahoma City, factors that brought it's rank down included a lower number of law-enforcement employees per capita and a high number of traffic fatalities and assaults per capita.

"What's disheartening is that cities like Orlando, Detroit and I think about 180 others ranked ahead of us as it relates to safety and law enforcement officers in the city," Mark Nelson said.

Nelson is the vice president of Oklahoma City's Fraternal Order of Police. When it comes to police and crime factors, Nelson said he hopes things will get better soon. A measure voters approved in September will add 129 police officers to the force.

"Visibility of police officers, the city's policy that allow a certain amount of police officers to take their cars home, that increases visibility of law enforcement, and hopefully that discourages crime," he said.

Another factor, beyond control, that lowered Oklahoma City's ranking, the high risk for natural disaster. Oklahoma City had the highest risk of any city, according to WalletHub.

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