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Oklahoma City Public Schools acting superintendent reaches out to staff and families


The resignation of Oklahoma City Public School Superintendent Aurora Lora has left the district without a leader, something that was acknowledged by acting Superintendent Rebecca Kaye to staff members.

At the beginning of her note she says "I am sad. I suspect you are too" and explains that is difficult to go through this over and over again but adds she is committed to the students and staff at OKCPS. She also sent a similar note to parents of the district.

Message to OKCPS Staff:

Message to OKCPS families:

OKCPS Spokesperson Beth Harrison reports that the terms and conditions of Lora's resignation are still being negotiated. Lora will not be paid a two-year $10,000 longevity bonus.

The OKCPS Board will consider and may approve changes to Kaye's compensation. She will continue her duties as chief of staff as well as taking on the superintendent role.

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