Oklahoma City Police post new tattoo guidelines

    Tattoo artist Rob Scott works on one of his clients. (KOKH/Connor Hansen)

    The Oklahoma City Police Department has some new guidelines for what kinds of tattoos officers and new recruits can have.

    A Facebook post from OKCPD says the policy has been revised to allow more tattoos to be visible.

    In the past few years, the 15th Street Tattoo Gallery has seen more and more young people coming in to get ink, and they're getting them in more visible places.

    "We have more and more people coming in, wanting to start out on their neck or their hands or their lower on their body," said Rob Scott, the gallery's co-owner while tattooing one of his clients.

    Scott says some work policies seem to be getting looser.

    "More with jobs that you have to conform like law enforcement or the military, but in civilian jobs its seems to be more acceptable and it's opening up a lot more," Scott said.

    The Oklahoma City Police Department shared a photo of the new policy which shows which areas have to be concealed.

    In some spots, like upper arms and legs, there is no size limit.

    Other spots like shins and forearms, tattoos can't be larger than your hand.

    On your hand, you can only have one tattoo the size of a ring.

    You can't have any on your face or neck.

    Years ago, Rob Scott was a sheriff's deputy, and he says he's had a lot of members of law enforcement sitting in his chair.

    "I've noticed the officers want to have the freedom to have more tattooing," Scott said. "And that's an understatement. They're very outspoken about their freedoms to get tattoos."

    No matter what the size of the tattoos, officers still won't be able to have any tattoos the department seems inappropriate.

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