Oklahoma City Police Chief accused of retaliating against 4 deputy chiefs

Oklahoma City Police Department Chief Bill Citty. (KOKH/Anthony West)

Oklahoma City's police chief is facing an ethics investigation.

He's accused of retaliating against four deputy chiefs.

At a city council meeting today, the Fraternal Order of Police expressed why they want him removed until the investigation is done.

"We kind of feel like we're out of options," said Mark Nelson, OKC FOP vice president. "We feel like we don't have anything left on the table other than to address you all as the council of Oklahoma City."

It's a plea from the Fraternal Order of Police for Oklahoma City Council members to listen to their concerns.

"This isn't an issue about overtime pay," Nelson said. "This isn't an issue about backpay. This is an issue about possible retaliation, intimidation and how certain people are held to a certain standard."

The "certain people" Nelson is talking about is Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty.

"We are calling for a removal from the position that he's currently in.The four individuals who filed the complaint; any other time that an officer that filed a complaint on a supervisor, that supervisor has been moved."

Nelson says he believes the City Manager Jim Couch has the option to suspend the chief, but in today's meeting, he says this might be his last meeting.

Couch announced Monday that he plans to retire in January.

"If this is in fact your final council meeting, and I don't know, we'll see," said Mayor David Holt. "But if it is, of course, the history of that is certainly noted."

The FOP says four deputy chiefs claim they're owed overtime, but city officials say they're exempt.

The complaint against Chief Citty alleges he confronted his deputies and suggested there could be retaliation.

We caught up with Chief Citty to get his reaction to these allegations.

"I'm not going to go into anything about this case," he said. "I respect all officers that are covered by collective bargaining agreement to file a complaint or grievance and they are. So I respect that. I have to respect that. I always have."

Chief Citty says he has no plans to retire anytime soon.

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