Oklahoma businesses gearing up for Black Friday

A Black Friday coupon insert from Walmart. (KOKH)

Stores in the metro are gearing up for Black Friday shoppers.

This year the holiday shopping season is starting a little earlier. The sales kick off on Thanksgiving evening and stores are expecting a busy evening.

Rosetta Bowen says that when it comes to Black Friday her family does not mess around.

"Oh yea, me and my aunties we all have Walkie Talkies, they'll be way on the other side of the store." Bowen said. "I'm on aisle 10, we got a mother coming, let's go!"

Until just a few years ago, those low sales were illegal in Oklahoma which drove customers to other states.

Senator David Holt pushed for a law changing that and allowing stores to sell items for the same or lower than they paid for it. He says that before the law was passed some fliers would even say in fine print that certain deals weren't valid in Oklahoma.

"I want our citizens to enjoy the same law prices that everyone gets around the country," Holt said.

Now that it's in effect, more Oklahomans have been rushing in for deals with every shopper for themselves.

Walmart says they are open 24 hours so if you are trying to line up for those deals you can come any time you would like.

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