OKCPD investigating reports of two shootings

    OKCPD working drive by shooting victim ended up in this McDonald's parking lot at NE 10th and I-35 <p>{/p}

    Two shootings were reported around 3:40 pm on Wednesday.

    The first call came in at 3:40 with reports that 10-12 shots were fired near the 1400 block of NE 38th St.

    One person reported someone had been shot and were being taken to the hospital in a private car.

    The second shooting was reported at 3:42 at the McDonalds near NE 10th and I-35.

    The caller reported a person had been shot in the backseat of a car in the parking lot.

    Police say they found the victim in a vehicle that had pulled into the McDonald's parking lot. The victim was taken to a nearby hospital.

    Police say they do not believed the two shootings are related.

    This is a developing story.

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