OKC NAACP, The Peace House push to extend reach of MLK Avenue


Concerns were made over a plan to expand Martin Luther King Avenue up to Edmond and down towards Moore at an Oklahoma City Council meeting.

The Oklahoma City NAACP and the Peace House came together on Wednesday to convince the city to go through with the changes.

City Council members said they needed more time to look into it. OKC NAACP President and The Peace House director presented a letter to City Council members, however, about why Martin Luther King Ave should be expanded north of Wilshire to Edmond and South of El Reno to Moore.

They say Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a prophet of nonviolent social action, who deserves a street — MLK Avenue — to be completely extended in Oklahoma City.

"We just had an incident early as last year where if Norman was capable of changing a Klansman's name (on a street sign), then we should be capable of changing a civil rights icon that gave us life for change; fixing and correcting," said Garland Pruitt, President of the OKC NAACP chapter. "We should be able to do that."

Pruitt says this idea blossomed from the Peace House not too long ago, where they say Martin Luther King Jr.'s name should be extended throughout the city.

City Council members say they'll look further into this, considering they weren't too aware of the issue.

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