OKC Fire Chief Keith Bryant sworn in as U.S. Fire Administrator

U.S. Fire Administrator Keith Bryant speaks at his swearing in ceremony August 4 at the Oklahoma City National Memorial. (KOKH/Scott Noland)

Oklahoma City Fire Chief Keith Bryant is officially the new U.S. Fire Administrator.

Bryant was sworn in Friday morning and is set to assume his new post August 7. From the Oklahoma City bombing to multiple tornado disasters, Bryant has been on the front lines of it all.

"Being a part of those, working through those, I think has given me somewhat of a good experience base to address those issues on a national level,” Bryant said.

Bryant recently accepted the appointment by President Trump.

"Being a part of FEMA, being a part of the Department of Homeland Security, we address issues specific to fire, emergency medical issues on a national level,” Bryant said.

In his new post, Bryant will be responsible for training and educating emergency responders across the nation on all types of situations . From natural disasters to terrorism. Once an Eagle Scout, Bryant went on to serve in the military before joining the fire department in 1982. His mom, Mary Bryant, says he's always been guided by a servant’s heart.

"He's a good person and he's a pretty gentle person,” Mary said. “He's very thoughtful."

His thoughtfulness and expertise will now take him to the nation's capital, but Oklahoma will remain his home.

"This is my home. This will always be my home. Again, this is just an appointment that I have for a time and I'll try to do the very best I can with it,” Bryant said.

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