Officials identify woman killed after vehicle struck by wheel assembly along I-40

The OHP has released photos of several vehicles struck by a wheel assembly that fell off a semi early Monday in Oklahoma City, killing one woman. (OHP)

A woman who died after her vehicle was struck by a wheel assembly that fell off a semi trailer has been identified.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol reports that 33-year-old Kasey Jill Morse, of Yukon, died Oct. 29 after a fifth axle dual wheel assembly came off a semi trailer driving eastbound on Interstate 40 and struck her vehicle.

The assembly then struck a second vehicle, injuring a passenger in the vehicle, before coming to a rest in the roadway. A third vehicle then struck the assembly, causing it to go airborne off of I-40 and hit a semi-trailer traveling on MacArthur.

The driver of the semi that lost the assembly, 45-year-old Shannon Fast, continued driving along I-40 unaware that he had lost the item until he stopped in Gainesville, Texas.

The OHP later found that an appropriate inspection had been performed on the trailer prior to the accident. Investigators are currently focused on if the dual wheel assembly was tampered with prior to Fast leaving Oklahoma City or if product failure caused the incident.

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