OBN explains using medical marijuana safely

    The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics presented what to know about the state's medical marijuana law. (KOKH/Will Maetzold)

    The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics (OBN) held a seminar on recognizing impairment of medical marijuana. It said there are several safety issues to think about as the legal use is introduced in the state.

    Andy Maher said he wants to know more about the meaning of his employees using medical marijuana. He found out more on the seminar from OBN.

    "When we have multiple employees running equipment, we want everybody to be safe and make sure everybody goes home safe," Maher said.

    Mark Woodward with OBN said there are many dangers if marijuana isn't used properly. He wants those who attended to know about other products that could be in the state.

    "Some people operate outside the boundaries of the law and sometimes think the law doesn't apply to them and that can lead to criminal activity," Woodward said.

    Woodward said there are dangers of getting high, especially if you're at work or driving. He said that's when you should be on the lookout.

    "We're talking about those who are often times using it recreationally and using it more and more," Woodward said. "Suddenly it can become very addictive to them where they can't get through the day without using marijuana."

    He said if medical marijuana is also sold illegally, that could lead to more crime.

    "Certainly that could impact those who are doing it right in here Oklahoma," Woodward said. "It could also lead to other types of criminal activities, where you have competitors threatening other competitors."

    Maher said he wants to be as informed as possible.

    "We want to educate all of our supervisors and staff members of how to spot and how to identify somebody that's impaired," Maher said.

    Woodward said you want to pay especially close attention to your children. If you see any major changes in their behavior, it could indicate they are using marijuana. Woodward said it's important to know if children are using marijuana. He said the earlier they use it, the greater chance they have of becoming addicted.

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