Nowata County detention officer arrested for allegedly stealing evidence, making explosive

    Nowata County detention officer arrested for allegedly stealing evidence (KTUL)

    NOWATA, Okla. (KTUL) -- A revolving door of controversy in the Nowata Sheriff's Office is back open.

    The most recent drama involves a detention officer accused of stealing guns and evidence from the department.

    Authorities swarmed his home today and found that stolen property. Guns, handcuffs and other evidence was recovered.

    They were allegedly stolen from the Nowata County Sheriff's Office by one of their own.

    “We will root all criminal activity and all corruptness out of this agency," said Nowata County Sheriff Terry Barnett.

    Colin Geeding is accused of taking the items while at work as a detention officer at the county jail.

    His home off South Mississippi in Nowata was raided today and the 27-year-old is now in jail.

    “He has been transported to another location," said Barnett.

    Nowata deputies, Tulsa police, the FBI and ATF were all on scene finding most of the stolen items along with drugs and what appeared to be explosives.

    “Once they X-rayed them and exposed them, they were actually modified fireworks," said Barnett.

    Newly-elected sheriff Barnett is taking this find as a moment to address what she calls a clear corrupt history at the department.

    “We will get rid of all employees that are or have been involved in criminal activity," said Barnett.

    Neighbors we spoke with were shocked to hear the news. They were concerned someone who wears a badge would possibly cross the line.

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    “You could never imagine something like this would happen this close to home," said neighbor Brian Buss.

    Brian and Terry Buss are wondering why Nowata continues to be in the news for all the wrong reasons.

    The arrests were the culmination of a tip and further internal investigation .

    “We did some intel and found out that it went a lot deeper as to what he was actually doing," said Barnett.

    We spoke to Geeding’s mother at the scene. She declined to speak on camera but tells us her son was making a gun for a family member.

    She said her son is a good kid and innocent.

    Sheriff Barnett said Geeding had only been with the department since the beginning of January. She says he had once been employed before at the sheriff's office but is not sure of what happened.

    Geeding has been fired from the sheriff's office.

    This is a developing story.

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